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Inuit religion
  • The Inuit believed in animism: all living and non-living things had a spirit. That included people, animals, inanimate objects, and forces of nature.
  • When a spirit died, it continued living in a different world- the spirit world.
  • The only people who had enough power to control the spirits were the powerful religious leaders called the Shamans or 'Angakoks'. Shamans used charms and dances as a means to communicate with the spirit world.
  • Shamans also wore carved masks-mostly representing animals- while performing their rituals. It was believed that masks had powers that enabled them to communicate with the spirits.
  • To appease the spirits the Shamans would make recommendations. They would suggest offering gifts to the spirits, moving away, and sometimes would fine the person for breaking the rules and angering the spirits.
  • Bad weather, illnesses, and a bad hunt were all blamed on displeased spirits.
  • There were certain guidelines that the Inuit were supposed to follow to make the spirits happy.
  • They had rituals for hunting and eating food to deal with the spirits that lived in the animals.
  • They had to pay a deep respect to the spirit of the animals that they hunted, so that the spirit reappeared in another animal that could sacrifice its life again. If they did not pay their respects to the spirit, the spirit would reappear as a demon.
  • Humans also had souls that could be lost or stolen (causes of illness and madness). The belief was that humans were made of three parts: a body, a name, and a soul. When a person died, it was only the body that died, the spirit and name could continue living in a new body. The names of dead relatives were given to babies, ensuring that the soul and name could continue living.
  • Shamans (angakoks) performed many of their healing rituals in ceremonial houses called 'Kashims'.
  • Kashims were sometimes partially buried in the ground, and only the Shaman knew where the entrance was. 
  • The main instrument of Inuit ceremonies and dances was the shallow, one-sided drum.
  • Most drums were made from caribou skin, or walrus stomach or bladder stretched over a wooden hoop.
  • Drum dances usually occurred inside large snowhouses (igloos) with up to 60 people.
New Greenland bio
Name: sanningaleq paapik
Country: Kalaallit Nunaat , Greenland
Country age 1,300+
Human Age:21-22
Gender: female
Sexuality: heterosexual
Hair: long,dark brown,
Eyes:dark brown,almond shape, monolid
Languages: Inuit: kalaaliisut, tunmit,inuktun. Danish
Birthday: June 21 (given home rule by Denmark)
Height: 5'6"
Clothing: red sweater (based upon traditional garb), dark red pants, white traditional seal skin boots.
Traditional hunting garb.
Scars: one on right shoulder. (Thule air crash)
Two on back (project iceworm)
Pet: Greenlandic husky
Name: laakki
Gender: female
good traits: calm,faithful,hardworking,neat,serious
Neutral traits:artful, folksy, old-fashioned,tough
Negative traits: blunt, gloomy (at times.), shy (when ,meeting new people.)
Likes: hockey,kiviak,her little brother, spirits, tradition,snow.
Dislikes: heat,Denmark,America,people who disrespect her culture.
Denmark: Denmark owns the home ruled country. And has been for many years. Greenland sees the Dane as a stepbrother. Sanningaleq doesn't think of him very fondly and they have a strained relationship.
Iceland: both the island nations were found just 100 years apart by the Vikings. Two two siblings are almost inseparable when they are together. Sanningaleq loves her younger brother dearly and will protect him with her life.
Norway: Norway used to own Greenland a long time ago. But gave her away to Denmark. Sanningaleq hates Norway for that. That he was able to give her away so effortlessly.
America: America owned Greenland during WW2. During the Cold War Greenland was used for project ice worm without Denmark's permission. America also crashed a plane on Greenland which is now called the Thule crash disaster. Greenland hates America. She can be quite afraid of him as well
Portugal: Portuguese settlers who where trying to find the Bering straight came across the country and stayed for very little time. Greenland barely remembers they guy at all.
Belgium: Greenland and Belgium are quite close. Belgium helped get Greenland there home rule and a temporary spot In the UN. When the two are together they are quite social together.
SuGreen: Sweden has helped with Greenland in the past by helping ship in weapons during ww2. Sweden was also the First Nation to find out that Greenlands ice caps were melting. Sweden is also the second largest export partner with Greenland. Swedish is also the 5th most spoken language in Greenland.
The two have a very close relationship and are always there for one another. Both of them don't talk much so they can stand the silence. Both of the, are interested in each other's culture(Greenland recently trying to implement of midsummer).


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United States
Hi I'm a artist from the Midwest.
I'm kind of shy.
I've had my oc Greenland for almost 4 years now and she's had a lot of changes and I'm finally happy with her. 😊
I can speak german.
I'm quite a big nerd I really like Hetalia,W.O.W,L.O.L, Harrypotter, overwatch.
I'm quite a huge history fanatic.


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